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Pago de Tharsys is a beautiful winery surrounded by 14 hectares of ECOLOGICAL VINEYARD located in Requena, 70 km from Valencia (Spain), at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

The winery dates back to 1808, and from that distant time it preserves its UNDERGROUND CELLAR excavated in the large LIMESTONE bedrock on which our entire vineyard sits and is what makes the wines and cavas we make unique and exceptional.

Unique by nature

Our motto “Unique by nature” reflects our commitment to SUSTAINABILITY y and respect for the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT in which our wines are born and make them unique. We work the vineyard under the precepts of ECOLOGICAL VITICULTURE, we use solar energy, we recycle materials and waste, we protect the native flora and fauna, we promote local richness and we actively collaborate with local artisans and producers.


The uniqueness of our wines lies in:

Wines, cavas and spirits

Pago de Tharsys is a pioneer in the production of SPARKLING WINES DO CAVA in the region and in the production of special wines under its own THARSYS DOP. We also produce white and red still wines under the DO UTIEL-REQUENA and SPIRITS and natural liqueurs from the artisanal distillation of grape skins and Cava in our copper still.

Cava is in the DNA of Pago de Tharsys, boasting more than 50 years of experience in the production of high-quality sparkling wines. Our winery specializes in long aging and elegantly made Cavas, where the terroir is impregnated with aroma and flavour.

The uniqueness of our limestone soil and microclimate gives different characteristics to other wines produced in the surrounding areas. Under the THARSYS PDO we produce white, red and sweet wines where floral and mineral notes are distinctive signs. Organic viticulture is an exclusive condition in this Origin Appellation of Origin.

Under the DO Utiel-Requena we make wines from more remote vineyards, with clay soils and native varieties of our region: BOBAL, MERSEGUERA, … where typicality, tradition and pleasure are the working guidelines.

We distil the grape skins from our winemaking process and Cava disgorging remains to make our spirits and liqueurs. They are very small productions in which the quality and freshness of the ingredients with which the macerations are made prevail, all natural, seasonal, organic and local.

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