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Type: A natural white wine

Variety: 100 % Merseguera

Classification: D.O. Utiel-Requena

Alcohol: 13% Vol.

Serve: between 6°C and 8°C, in a medium wine glass.

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Type: A natural white wine

Variety: 100 % Merseguera

Classification: D.O. Utiel-Requena

Alcohol: 13% Vol.


Appearance: A very pale, “nude” colour (pale straw) due to not using sulphites. Fine, slowly flowing drops. It is a clear wine (it is unfiltered, and over time may become cloudy, although this will not affect the nose or taste negatively, and of course does not pose any health risk).

Nose: In a still glass it is reminiscent of ripe stone fruit: peaches, nectarines, apricots. On swirling it, there are hints of ripe citrus fruit: red grapefruit and ripe pears.

Mouth: Initially fresh, clean and dry in the mouth, with a wonderful balance between acidity and maturity. A lively, fresh, lasting sensation on the palate. An elegant heady taste, highlighting ripe peaches and red grapefruit, with hints of fresh yeast and breadcrumbs. A smooth, creamy texture, a rich coating sensation.

Serving: Serve between 6ºC and 8ºC in medium-sized glasses with a wide body, slightly narrower at the top. An ideal wine to serve with white fish: turbot, sole, bream, etc., boiled shellfish, fish rice dishes and stews. It combines perfectly with assorted salads, and even with fruit.

Note: Merseguera is a white grape variety native to our region, harvested for this wine from a very old vineyard that was planted in 1975 and is located near the winery on the Casa del Sancho site. The vines are bush-trained, employing sustainable growing techniques with a low production yield, barely 2300 kg/hectare.

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