Pago de Tharsys stands out for introducing unique and innovative products to the market: Night Harvest of Albariño, the blanc de noir “Tharsys Único”: a sparkling wine made from bobal, a sweet wine made from a rare grape called Bronx produced by the ancient technique of over-ripening the grapes in the sun.

The winery produces its wines under the Appellations of “Vino de Pago”, D.O. Utiel-Requena and D.O. Cava. Among the varieties grown we are most famour for our commitment to “Bobal”, our indigenous varietal and the seal of our identity. Pago de Tharsys is also widely recognized as one of the very top producers of Cava. In fact, owner Vicente Garcia, is considered “the Godfather of Valencian Cava”.

  • Vicente García Pago de Tharsys

    Vicente García


    What can make a man happier than returning a small part of everything he has been given to his home land?

  • Ana Suria Pago de Tharsys

    Ana Suria

    Manager and owner

    We want our wines to express the great respect for the land and the tradition we feel”

  • Franc García Pago de Tharsys

    Fran García

    Oenologist. Production Manager

    Innovation and originality in our products is in our DNA “

  • Amparo Furriol Pago de Tharsys

    Amparo Furriol

    Technical manager

    The Quality of a wine is directly proportional to the care and love you give to it”

  • Raúl García Pago de Tharsys

    Raúl García

    Export Sales Manager

    Winning the trust of my clients, no doubt, is the key to commercial succes”

  • Stefan Rosvaenge Pago de Tharsys

    Stefan Rosvaenge

    National Direct Sales

    We like our work, we are a big family, dealing with friends and share great products “

Among its most charismatic Albariño wines are “Vintage Night ” collected at night, vinified its sparkling white ” Unique Tharsys ” made with the native variety Bobal and sweet grape wine Bronx technique developed by sunny.

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Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Bobal, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Chardonnay,  Albariño and  Bronx.