Ana Suria – CEO

“Growth, progress and sustainability”.

Pago de Tharsys starts 2020 satisfied with the progress made in 2019. Every department did a great job during the last year and, at the end, our winery grew by 15%.

The year we left behind was incredible: full of exciting challenges and changes that we gradually introduced. Therefore, we are especially proud of the results.

We rely on a team of highly qualified professionals that works passionately to make Pago de Tharsys grow, progress and become a more sustainable winery for our region, Utiel-Requena.

Do you want to know how we did it?

The managers of each department told us the main achievements of 2019 and the targets for 2020.

Carlos Barceló – Viticulture

“It has been a difficult year because of the climate. The vineyards produced less than expected. Even so, thanks to the good work performed throughout the year, the quality remained outstanding”.

At beginning of 2019, we had high expectations: last winter was rainy, so our water reserves seemed to be enough for all the sprouting season. Nevertheless, the sprouting took longer than usual because the spring was too cold. Therefore, our vineyards started sprouting at the end of May.

Summer began being really hot and with some strong hailstorms, so we lost 10% of the grapes. Besides, during the harvest, it rained a lot so we were forced to stop harvesting for a week.

All these downsides were compensated with all the work performed in our vineyards throughout the year which allowed us to collect really healthy, beautiful and scarce grapes.

The wisdom and experience of José Ramón Lissarrague, expert in viticulture and current professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, was also a cornerstone for us in 2019. He helped Pago de Tharsys to reach an outstanding quality.

The goal we set for 2020 is to keep growing and learning about sustainability and high-quality organic viticulture. Besides, we want to keep working on giving our vineyards what they need when they need it (according to the lunar calendar) manually and with all the care and love of our team.

Ámparo Furriol – Technical department

“The outstanding grapes that we obtained in 2019 and the thorough commitment to preserve them laid the foundations of our wine-making process. The result is more expressive and clean cavas and wines”.

Even if the harvest happened to be less fruitful than the former ones, the quality remained amazingly high. It allowed us to focus on the little details and to work each plot carefully and precisely.

In this way, we could preserve and strengthen all the special features of each variety and plot. As a result, the wines of 2019 are expressive and clean and reflect faithfully the nature of our Pago.

When the quality of the grapes is superb, you can be more innovative. That is why, in 2019 and for the first time, we made a white wine without sulfites, unfiltered, and completely natural. The result is incredible and you can see it for yourself: Pago de Tharsys Merseguera Sin Sulfitos 2019 (‘Pago de Tharsys Merseguera without Sulfites 2019’).

Additionally, we also made our first still rosé wine with grenache grapes that aged two months in French oak barrels: Pago de Tharsys Vendimia Nocturna Garnacha Rosado 2018 (‘Pago de Tharsys Night Harvest Grenache Rosé 2018’). This same year, we presented our first organic wine made with our indigenous grape: bobal. We hand-picked these grapes from centenary bush vines, so the wine kept its strong powerful personality: Carlota Suria Organic Bobal Crianza 2017.

Talking about novelties (with a touch of craziness), we must also mention our new cava. It is a Brut Nature Rosé that was presented at the end of the year: Pago de Tharsys Rosado Brut Nature Reserva Cerámica (‘Pago de Tharsys Rosé Brut Nature Pottery’). We are sure that those who love quality, bubbles and character will fall in love with this one. Fear is not a thing!

Stefan Rosvaenge – National Sales Department

“Pago de Tharsys became stronger in the Spanish market and increased its network of distributors and sellers”.

2019 was a year of growth in the Valencian Community, specially in some of its best restaurants and wine shops. Valencians chose our wines and cavas to enjoy special occasions with their beloved ones.

Outside the Valencian Community, the presence of Pago de Tharsys also increased and so did the sales of our most special and exclusive wines: Pago de Tharsys Cerámica, Argila, Vendimia Nocturna and Millésime. We even had to limit some orders so we could guarantee the supply for our most loyal clients

In 2019, we worked hand to hand with our professional clients in order to provide a good service and to live up to their needs. For 2020, we want to maintain this relationship and support their work, growth and service.

Besides, 2020 is a year full of good news. New wines and cuvées… one of them, our Pago de Tharsys Merseguera Sin Sulfitos 2019, a wine for those who love natural flavors.

Miriam Núñez – Export

“To the North and beyond!”

2019 was a year of growth in the international market. Our export volume is already equal to our sales in Spain. Our excellent quality together with a closer and more personal work relationship with our importers happened to be fundamental for promoting customer loyalty in Russia, Japan or northern Europe. Besides, we won new customers in farther counties such as Chile.

As a goal for 2020, we want to strengthen our relationship with our current customers and grow together. Besides, we are willing to increase the presence of our premium wines and cavas overseas. Last but not least, we are looking forward to exploring new markets such as United States, China or South-East Asia that have markets with a great potential.

Cristina Honrubia – Wine tourism

“For 2020, we want each visit to be unique and unforgettable for our customers”.

One of our most important goals in 2019 was to work closer to our customers. That is why, on April, we opened our Wine Bar in our winery. This new service is opened every day and it is a warm and modern space where our visitors can learn, taste and enjoy our best wines and cavas.

In 2019, Pago de Tharsys welcomed more than 12000 visitors that could walk around our organic vineyard and discover first-hand how we work and how our wines, cavas and grappas are made.

For 2020, we want each visit to be unique, more intense and more natural. We would like you to discover and share with us all the steps of the wine-making process. That is the reason why, as well as our traditional visits and tastings, we are about to start a whole new plan of activities for you to explore, learn, feel and live the action. Stay tuned for more information!

Rebeca García – Marketing

“In 2019, thousands of people chose us to be a part of their daily life and to be with them in their special occasions… we cannot ask for more!”

We tried to improve and increase our communication with our current and potential clients by every mean possible: social media, specialized and general press, radio, TV, wine events, lectures, tastings… and, of course, welcoming with open arms hundreds of people in our winery. For us, it was a great pleasure! Our goal was to listen to our customers and improve so as to be a part of the life of those who believe that a wine (a good wine!) makes every moment a bit more special.

In 2019, we have received amazing awards and high scores in wine guides and contests and we feel grateful and proud. Our sparkling wines: Tharsys  Único (‘Tharsys Unique’), Pago de Tharsys Brut Nature Reserva, Pago de Tharsys Gran Reserva 2014, Dominio de Requena… Also our still wines: Vendimia Noctura Albariño 2018 (‘Night Harvest Albariño 2018’) and Garnacha Rosado 2018 (‘Grenache Rosé 2018). All of them have been awarded with the Gold Medal in the Concours Mondial of Brussels and high scores in Guía Peñín (Spanish wine guide), Decanter World Wine Awards and in 50 Great Cavas, among others.

For 2020, we are looking forward to keeping working with passion and listening to our customers… At the same time, we would like to strengthen that invisible, but special bond that connects us with them.

Thank you all for sharing 2019 with us!

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